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Our products comprise of Key Telephone Systems, Smartalk Telephones, Conference Telephones, Single Line Telephones, and Headsets. 


UTES Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd provides Repair and Maintenance services. This includes Installation & Maintenance of Key Telephone Systems & other telecommunications equipment, and wiring. Payphone coin collection services, and plant watching services.

Years Of Experience

We, as an organization, has been providing service quality and reliable service since 1988. From providing drinks-cum-snacks stall to repair and maintenance services to the sale of telecommunication devices and systems.

Ready When You Are

Like our products? Do you feel that our services can be useful in your organization? Do you like to know more? If you see anything on this website that interest you, contact us TODAY! We will be glad to share more information with you.

Who We Are

In July 1988, UTES and the Management of Singapore Telecom jointly set up a Canteen Welfare Fund (CWF). The purpose of the CWF was for UTES and Management to jointly manage the CWF where the surplus generated from the CWF were used to fund membership benefits and activities of UTES.

Towards this end, in November 1988, the CWF opened a drinks-cum-snacks stall at Comcentre Cafeteria. Another such stall was opened at Orchard Exchange Canteen in November 1989. By the end of 1991, the CWF was operationally stable. Management then decided to hand over the business of CWF completely to UTES. In view of the Management's decision, UTES decided to form a multi-purpose Co-operative to take over and operate the drinks-cum-snacks stalls.

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UTES Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd
15 Hill Street Telephone House Complex II
Singapore 179352.

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Tel: 63344711 / Fax: 63370492
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Tel: 63366221 / Fax: 63360980


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